My projects

You can found here, all my projects with a link to access their.

Currently, my projects are only Android projects that you can found on my developer page or below :

  • « ICE : Emergency Contacts » – This application permit to alert your contacts in one click « In Case of Emergency ». Free application.
  • « ICE : Emergency Contacts + » – This application permit to alert your contacts in one click « In Case of Emergency ». Unlimited application for number of contacts. It cost $1.19.
  • « Hangman » – A simple Hangman game.
  • « Hangman (no ads) » – Same as above, but without ads.
  • « Broken Screen » – Very classic apps. Simulate a broken screen and see your friends reaction !
  • « Code Breaker » – A Mastermind game, more or less. Three difficulty, try to break the code in hard mode.
  • « Play Math » – Difficulties with mental arithmetic ? Play Math is for you. Do the maximum score by add or multiply numbers to obtain the displayed result… but attention to time :)
  • « Puzzle » – Bring all elements in the lighted zone.
  • « Light Up » – Light Up is a puzzle game where you need to reproduce a figure by turn on or turn off lights.
  • « Alien Blast » – Again a puzzle game. This time you need to create chain reaction to kill all the aliens.
  • « Puzzle slide – Landscape » – First of a serie of sliding puzzle of sliding puzzles about landscape.
  • « Puzzle slide – Animal » – Second of a serie of sliding puzzle of sliding puzzles about Animal.
  • « Escape Square » – My first Android game, not the best. May be I would look over someday.
  • « La classe américaine » – Application that is only for french people. It play sounds of a french movie. It’s my first Android application. Free application.

Others projects are in development, on Android but also on others platforms.

  1. ICE is awesome! It does what it’s supposed to, but one small glitch… It said I was in China :) It seemed to have reversed my positive Long to a negative Long. Instead of N I got S. Regardless, I think people would be able to figure out pretty quick I’m not in China.

    • Hi Liz,

      I have try to send at me an alert with geolocation position and it’s a good position. Can you send me at your real position and the positions in the alert, please, I will try to correct it. However, ICE ask geolocation at your GPS and it send it without modify it. Are you sure that your GPS works correctly ?


  2. The GPS feature works flawlessly! Your app put me about 3m from where I was standing!

    However, in the SMS alert sent back to me read …

    « SOS (long: -xx.xxxxxxxx; lat: xx.xxxxxxxx) »

    Traditionally latitude is given before longitude. In the return SMS longitude is given first. This could be the source of the confusion.

    • Thanks for your comment Rob, it’s very insteresting. I’ll change the order of longitude and latitude in the next update, probably this sunday.


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