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Opening of the blog, my life, etc.

What this blog ?

This is for full of stuff, it’s to expose my word, my projects, but it will be surely a place where I write about what goes through my head. Finally, may be I’m not a good pedagogue but I could share my knowledge and experience in programming, mainly about Android platform by Google.


Who am I ?

Since a few time, I have a Master MIAGE, I am graduated at Evry College (France). I am specialize in mobile technologies and I developed a lot of applications on these platforms :

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7

I like particulary Android and hope it’s because of Android that I can create my own compagny.

Occasionnaly, I use php and asp.NET/C# languages.

I would do my best to make this blog interesting.

To follow me, go to http://twitter.RAlexyu.


Good reading,